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Accessible Technology

Opening doors for small business.

  • Artwork


    Complete commercial artwork services. New or updated logos. Print advertising. Digital banners.

  • Web


    Web design and hosting. Digital banners for marketing. Email marketing design and management.

  • Software


    Custom apps. Business software. Database design.

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Dream Big

  • Take your business to the next level. In today's environment, there's no reason being a small business should mean having a small presence. We are connected to each other as never before, not just personally, but also professionally. The Internet and modern development tools mean that any business can and should have a strong professional appearance and marketing strategy. Nightship is in the business of providing the infrastructure and support of a full-service digital development department to small business.
  • Make your impression where it counts. Everybody knows you need a website. We've passed the point now, however, where "any website will do." Today's consumers are agile and discerning. They find their vendors with a multitude of devices and technologies, and they expect you to keep up. Does your website display well on a phone? Will it run on an iPad? Small business owners can meet these challenges, with the right help. Be where your customers are, and look great when they get there.
  • Turn your best ideas into marketable reality. Apps and software are within your grasp. If you've got a great idea, but don't know where to start, give us a call. Our expert team of developers can transform your design into workable software, ready for download or application.
  • Be remembered. Professional appearance is an important part of attracting new customers. A smooth, professional, and most importantly memorable brand representation is critical to making that valuable first impression. If you've got a dated logo, we can give it a makeover with a minimum of fuss, and integrate it into a well-coordinated suite of both printed and web-delivered materials.


  • Branding

  • Web Design

  • Database Architecture

  • Custom Software

  • Applications

  • SEO

  • Content Management

  • Graphic Design

  • Perfect Branding. Your brand is important. (Can we say that often enough?) Let us rework your existing logo into a modern version, or start from scratch with a brand-new, iconic mark, optimized for your business documents and forms, print advertising and digital presentation. We'll take your core concepts, and turn them into a well-thought-out image that perfectly represents your business visually. View our gallery of brand design.

  • Your Business + Nightship Design Team = Great Website. You have to be there. It's no longer just "optional" to have a website for your business. The bottom line is, if you're not on the web, or if your website is out of date, you're losing business. We can customize a package to your exact business format and budget requirements. Manage your site easily with custom administration, and GET ONLINE! View our gallery of website projects.

  • Data, Data Everywhere. The world spins on data. No doubt about it. If you've got a special project that needs to handle the information overload smartly, call us! We can create a data architecture that will house your current information, allow for intelligent expansion when needed, and see you into the next phase of your development. We'll even convert your existing data to your new structure.

  • Function Given Form. Today, there's a piece of software to solve any problem. Or is there? If you have an idea for a new program, or want to create a customized spinoff of something that already exists, we may be able to give you a hand. Software engineering is the art and science of creating computer programs that complete tasks for a user or organization. Get started on your own software project today with our team of experts. Case Studies

  • Apps for Any Occasion. Deliver your great idea on a number of platforms. Downloadable "apps" are revolutionizing the way we do things one click at a time. We can help you put your app into production and make your interesting idea into a reality. Give us a call to find out more about application creation.

  • Search Engine Optimization. All public websites have one thing in common - they need visitors. Let us help you manage your SEO needs. We'll include optimization for search engines as part of any website creation project, and help you identify areas that require improvement. We can work with you, or simply provide you the tools to manage your own SEO and get your site seen by the most people possible.

  • Fresh, Vibrant Content. Websites are never more effective than when filled with well-constructed, relevant content. Keeping your site fresh and up-to-date is a constant challenge. The most successful online sites meet that challenge. If you need help creating or updating your content, give us a call. We'll help you construct the perfect content for your web presence to keep people coming and then keep them coming back.

  • Graphic Design. Print or Web. Your business or organization should always be sporting sharp, well-constructed images that convey the appropriate attitude and positioning for your needs. We can help you with business cards, print ads, digital web banners, email marketing, and banner/sign designs. View Our Online Portfolio of Graphic Design.

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