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Case Study

  • Description

    Luxottica Retail commissioned this automated expense reimbursement system from Nightship Networks in 2009. Their existing system was bulky and slow. It was difficult to manage the reimbursement cap amounts and track employee payouts, and their paper storage for documentation was unwieldy. Our solution allows their associates to file their claims electronically, and contains a unique fax-to-email listening service that eliminates paper storage. Employee claims are managed by the administrator, and approved payments are routed directly to Accounts Payable via a bi-weekly report. We maintain an ongoing connection with their personnel management vendor that keeps more than 20,000 records up to date nightly.

  • Details
    • Client: Luxottica Retail
    • Focus: Employee Expense Reimbursement
    • Features:
      • Employee Identification System
      • Program Administrator Panel
      • Fax Listening Service
      • OCR Character Recognition Application
      • Messaging System & Email Notifications
      • File Handling Service
      • Automated Reporting

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